Ray + Stephanie's Los Robles Greens Wedding


I’m so excited to share more from this beautiful summer wedding! Upon meeting Ray and Stephanie, I knew I was going to love working with them! Stephanie has an infectious smile and the warmest personality. Ray clearly adores everything about her and you can just tell that he cherishes her as she cherishes him. They are best friends and you can see their bond throughout their wedding photos, including the special moments and looks they gave each other during their wedding ceremony. They were truly a joy to work with and I enjoyed seeing two wonderful people join their lives together with their incredible and loving families there supporting them 110%. Marriage is beyond hard and it’s always so reassuring to see a young couple with such an amazing support system surrounding them.

Their wedding day turned out to be what I’m sure was the hottest day of the year. If my memory serves me correctly, it was about 114 degrees and we were in the thick of it all day! We were all dripping sweat all day long! Stephanie, Ray, their families, and their wedding party all stayed so positive, kind, and patient throughout the day! Everyone looked out for each other and made sure that everyone was drinking enough water and staying cool when we got a chance! It could have easily been a day where everyone complained and moaned and groaned because the heat was so intense, but it was the total opposite and the cup was half full which I LOVE. A little (or a lot) of heat couldn’t ruin the best day ever!

Their ceremony took place at a church very special to them and their families. Their reception took place at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks. They have a beautiful garden setting where Stephanie’s vision was brought to life by the talented Christina Ravago . Christina did a fantastic job organizing the day between several different locations, a large wedding party, managing florals and desserts in extreme heat, and creating a whimsical and romantic atmosphere. This was the longest work day I’ve had for a wedding and it was well worth it! It was hard choosing photos for a blog post because I just want to share them all!

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